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Photo of Jacomijn Christ

Jacomijn Christ focuses her practice on corporate law, data protection, antitrust, environmental law and real estate. Jacomijn advises on public law aspects in transactions, has experience with regulatory and data protection law issues, and has dealt with environmental and real estate related cases.

Jacomijn is also involved in GT’s China practice in Europe in this capacity, and has experience in working with Chinese mainland clients across a wide-range of sectors, including manufacturing, sales, technology and e-commerce.

On 20 December 2019 the Dutch Supreme Court delivered its judgment in the case of Urgenda against the Dutch State. In 2013, the NGO Urgenda started a civil law procedure against the Dutch State for “knowingly exposing its own citizens to danger” by not taking sufficient measures to prevent climate change and therefore not preventing the foreseeable harm caused by climate change. The Dutch government acknowledged the potentially harmful consequences of climate change, but argued it could not be ordered to act via a court procedure.
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Modern technologies and personal data are increasingly important for real estate businesses. Robotics, Wi-Fi tracking, augmented and virtual reality, sensor technology, and the Internet of Things (e.g., a physical
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Beginning January 2023, energy labels of the major part of office buildings in the Netherlands will have to be at least in category C, because of an amendment to
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Announcement by Dutch DPA

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) announced on 21 August 2018 that it has audited 91 hospitals and 33 health care insurers regarding the obligation
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Amsterdam and the conurbation are suffering a housing shortage (as is common in many larger cities). The municipality therefore seeks to limit new developments of short stay accommodations in
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