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After halting the realization of new data centers for a year, the municipal executive of Amsterdam announced on 1 July 2020 policies to welcome new data centers. Yet, they may be opened only under strict conditions.

For over a year, the realization of new data centers in the Amsterdam and Schiphol airport area was banned. According to the municipalities of Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer, data centers were taking up too much space and consuming too much energy.

On 1 July 2020, the municipal executive proposed new policies (“Vestigingsbeleid Datacenters), allowing a limited number of new data centers. According to the municipality, data consumption will continue to grow (partially due to the growing use of video calling and more people working from home). This increases the dependence on data centers.

Strict rules will apply to new data centers with regards to spatial embedding, energy use, water use and circular construction if these new policies take effect. For instance: realization of new data centers is only allowed close to other data centers in the areas Amstel III, Science Park, Schinkelkwartier and Haven/Haven-Stad. In addition, developers of data centers are required to use green power.

The new policies are now available for public consultation (until 31 August 2020). The general public can submit views with respect to the proposed new policies. After the period for public consultation, the policies will be submitted to the municipal council for approval.